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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Gameday improvements-PART 1

I have been fortunate in my time to travel to many stadiums and experience different gameday atmospheres.  When compared to other schools OSU is lacking in many areas.  OSU unfortunately is embarrassing and the administration is to blame.  The administration continues to cater to the elderly and have a 1970’s vibe.  This is PART 1 - a short and simple list that will help get OSU a step in the right direction.  These are just a few Additions/Changes I hope to see at Reser in 2012.  I honestly don’t see it being that difficult to improve the atmosphere at Reser and lose the 1970’s vibe.
Truax needs to be open to public before, during, and after the game with a beer/wine garden – fans will pay $6.50 for a beer and stick around.  Have a live band playing.  Have big screens throughout and tables & a food court.  This is FREE money for the BASF and will increase the number of fans around the game.
Create an OSU tailgating center aka Terry Bakerville, located on the new IM fields.  This center should be student driven with hundreds of tents, sponsored by local business, open to public, and be considered, The Biggest Tailgate Party in the NW
2. FOOD CONCESSIONS – Why are children are taking orders?  I am sorry but I don’t care about the local Brownies, the Sweet Home Boys & Girls Club, or some Children’s home trying to raise money.  I came to watch a football game and don’t want to stand in line watching a 5th grader attempt to make change.  Please change the menu to meet the needs of the fans and have OSU students work behind the counter. 
Select one of the concessions and name it “Tommy Prothro’s Grill”
Get American Dream, Clod’s, or Big River inside the stadium. 
Increase: frequency of replays on the Jumbo-tron during the game, highlights of past WINS, big hits, great catches, video messages from former Players, more stats, camera shots of attractive people - cleaver signage – proper gameday attire
Decreases: Hall & Oates, bicep trivia, Dari-Mart ads, Team running through the blow up helmet, catering to the elderly, football toss for a Zales ring, camera shots of old people and idiots.
PART 2 will be coming shortly.
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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Wake up

Thank you again Mike Riley for a losing season.  I did not want to do it but I watched the Civil War game again.  What are you doing on the side lines?  You just pace with your arms crossed and show zero emotion.  It hasn't been just the CW game, we have seen this in past games.  You preach how fortunate you are to be coaching yet your behavior on the side lines say a different story.  I encourage you to take a look in the mirror and ask yourself if coaching at OSU is truly what you want to be doing.  OSU and Beaver Nation deserve better, there is nothing wrong with bowing out.  Do the right thing and walk away now.