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Friday, October 12, 2012


Is Mike Riley sexy in the eyes of the Media?  The man is coaching this season and making it very difficult for me to not like him.  I am looking forward to seeing his bit on ESPN Gameday tomorrow.  He is a lock to look and act goofy which the national media loves, as does Corvallis.  I am preparing for "Neat," "growth," "love this team," and "fun."   As for the game, I see a defensive battle by both teams.  Neither offense will be able to move the ball.  Vaz is such a question mark, who knows what he will do.  It is nice to see ABC picking up the game too.

OSU 7 BYU 0 - Poyer pick to the house.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Has 3-0 hushed the critics?

You have to give credit to Riley and his staff thus far.  Clearly the 2 years of being down and distracted are over, but does starting 3-0 wipe the slate clean?  I would argue no it does not.  Riley took 2 years off and now decides to make changes and coach.  It is unreal how quickly the media and fans have forgotten about his miserable effort or lack there of, the past 2 years.  Everyone has fallen for the magical move Riley made by taking the team to In-n-Out and then tweeting pictures about it.  This was a cleaver plan knowing social media would pick up on it then ESPN and so on.  The media has acted like Mike Riley is the first coach ever to reward his team.  Good for him for pulling one on all of us or maybe it was Gundy's call.  Who knows and who really cares?  The point is, OSU is sexy now but all it takes is one crappy game/effort and the rankings are gonzo, ESPN will not be drinking the Beaver Juice, and once again OSU will become irrelevant.  If a statue of Riley in front of Reser is looming, then he better step on the throats of all the upcoming opponents and continue coaching.

Please continue sending me the emails.  They are pure comedy.

OSU 45 WSU 24

Friday, September 7, 2012

Gameday Eve

The wait is finally over and we can actually see what Riley and the staff has put together for Riley's "Pretty neat day."  My boy over at AngryBeavs has been spot on with his posts this off season while the drivel spewed out by the Oregonian is pathetic.  
My prediction for the game is not neat:  Wisconsin 35 Oregon State 10.

What is your prediction?

Friday, August 24, 2012

What will it take?

The other day I had just finished 18 with the boys and was settling up at the bar chatting about the upcoming football season.  I had a few and starting ranting a bit about Riley and how he's handling this camp.  The boys at the table are a mixture of the pac12 and of course all love Riley, who wouldn't win he never beats UO or anyone by that matter.  So the conversation went on about who is going to do what in the pac12 this season and I am spitting my logic about how OSU will only win 3 games and UO will battle for yet another pac12 title (normal shit) when a fella from another table (I know him and he knows me and he's a huge Beavers fan) chimes in, "What will it take for you to like Riley?"  I couldn't answer at the time because my post golf birdie juice was kicking in and I was clearly not making any sense.  So I have thought about it and came up with a short list:

1.  Learn to have an edge.  It is acceptable to to tell a reporter that you don't want to discuss the last two season and the team is past it.  Or simply say "I don't need to discuss that anymore."
2.  Don't use "growth" so much.
3.  Get pissed at your coaches and hold them accountable.
4.  Show the fans you care.  Laughing on the sidelines when the team is getting their ass kicked isn't a good message to the fans.
5.  Quit scheduling non-winnable OOC games. It makes more since to be 3-0 going into the season in hopes of a bowl birth instead of getting the shit kicked out of you by PSU, Wisc, Louisville, etc.
6.  Close practice.  Let the media sweat for a bit and send a message to the team that it is "us against the world"
7.  Make doubters like me eat crow.

The season is close.  8 days until Nichols State rolls into Corvallis.  Riley better have the team ready.  Sac State is still haunting the fan base.

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Go Beavs

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hen house operation

For the past 16 years I always touch base with my good friend's father before the season starts.  He played 4 years for Dee Andros and was on the 1967 Giant Killers team.  I enjoy getting his perspective on the team and where he thinks the season is heading.  This year was a different conversation.  It went something like this:
(picking up after the pleasantries)
Me:  Hey Bill, how  we looking this season?
Bill:  Before we even go into this I have to tell you a story...
Me:  Sounds good
Bill:  I called the ticket office because my 4 season tickets didn't arrive in the mail.  My buddy down the road got his, so I called.
Me:  Interesting...
Bill: The gal on the phone said I never renewed my season tickets.  I, of course said, "yes I did and have for 35 years"  She then proceeded to tell me my tickets had been reallocated to another season ticket holder as an upgrade.  I said, "What are you talking about?  How does something like this happen?"  She repeated
that I didn't renew my tickets and I do not have season tickets, but would I be interested in buying a mini package of games.  I immediately asked to speak to a manager.  10 minutes later, Scott gets on to tell me that after researching my account there is nothing he could do.
Bill: Just wait.  I usually don't like doing this, but I explained that I am a Varsity O member and was on the Giant Killers.  He interrupted me and said, "You were on the team that beat #1USC with Mark Sanchez on ESPN?  I was at that game."
Bill:  (laughs)  I replied calmly, Scott, I played for Dee Andros when we beat OJ Simpson.  Scott then says "Oh, that must have been before I was born."  So I then asked to speak to his supervisor, which he said was not around.  I told Scott that I expect my tickets to be reissued immediately to me.  He then says, "I can't they have already been mailed out to the new owners."  I hung up
Me:  Bill, I don't know what to say. 
Bill:  Well about an hour later Scott called back and let me know that he can issue me new seats in a new section but I have lost my grandfather status.  I said to him "Scott, the boys down there aren't winning many games.  Is this really how you want handle my situation?"  And he actually said to me, "Well this year will be different and you don't want to miss any home games."  I then said, you tell Bob DeCarolis I called and I will be expecting a phone call shortly, only then will I decide if I am going to continue supporting OSU.
Me:  Did he call?
Bill:  Nope.  I am done with OSU. 

The call pretty much ended there.  If this is happening to a Varsity O member, member of the 1967 Giant Killers, an alumni, and a 35 year season ticket holder, what the hell is going on in Corvallis?  

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Here we go again..Quotes by the Coach

1. I haven’t been on the road, but we do all the things that we can, which is mail-outs, all the stuff we put on our website, and maintain as much contact as we can.

2. I see the growth of individuals in the program; our business is player-focused.

3. What I hope for is growth from the guys who had to play last year and were young.

4. I think growth is the key element in how you do.

5. Our job is about helping guys grow.

6. We've had a couple of disappointing years.

7. We're looking for that cycle of life to change back into good things.

Riley speaks, are fans buying it?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What kind of fan are you?

My summer reading list included On Rocky Top by Clay Travis. A close friend gave this book to me because in his opinion I am a bad fan. My wife agrees. I didn't, until I read this book. Clay Travis spends the 2008 season covering the Tennessee Volunteers football team and gives you a behind the scenes look into the ups and downs of a season from multiple view points, including the fans. Before I drag this on about becoming a better fan I want it to be very clear that in no way do I think Mike Riley and Philip Fulmer are close in accomplishments. They are not and I challenge anyone to prove me wrong.

I strongly recommend this book. It is a great read and Clay Travis is brilliant. Also, I encourage you to visit his web site Outkick the Coverage. Thank me later. Enough about Clay Travis and more about me.

As the season draws closer, I have been taking time to reflect about my behavior on game day, post game, and the week in between games.  My behavior hasn't been pretty.  

1. As an OSU graduate I take it so personally when OSU losses a game, as if OSU did it on purpose. 
2. I would cuss and stomp around the room or tailgater venting my hatred for both Mike Riley and Danny Langsdorf while recapping the game and drowning my sorrows with beer and dip causing a scene. 
3. I cursed the poor play of the players when they made a mistake, again as if they did it to me personally and on purpose. 
4. I encouraged strangers to join my cause of firing Mike Riley like Frank the tank rallying a group to go streaking with me. 
5. I put a lot of energy into my love of OSU and my hatred of Mike Riley when I should be focusing on other more important things. 

My opinion still hasn't changed about Mike Riley, I do not believe he is the right coach for the job, but what this book did for me was slap me in the face and help me realize what kind of fan I should be:

- I wouldn't recognize a player off the field without his jersey on, yet I act like I know them personally when they are playing and scream at them as if they were my son
- I have no idea how to coach or lead a group of young men week after week, win or lose
- There is no way I feel worse than the entire team, coaches included, after each loss
- No one is listening to me when I get on my soapbox to cry about the direction of OSU football
- If Riley goes it could be worse, much worse
- Being "That guy/fan" is exhausting
- I need to quit stating the obvious after each loss
- Gamedays and Tailgating need to be more positive and less of a bitch session
- I need to write BDC a thank you note for the Michigan game, we are looking forward to going to the Big House

I do not know what this season will bring to me personally or Beaver Nation, but what I do know is that I am going to be a better fan. This pledge doesn't mean I am a Mike Riley fan, it means I need to stop behaving like a lunatic and let the season play out and hope that the people in place make the necessary decisions to get OSU in the right direction. What kind of fan you are?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Riley calling plays, no spring game, no leader

Yes I am negative, but how can I be positive with everything that is taking place in Corvallis.  Other schools are moving forward while Riley and his staff are not.  For example:

UO is having a scrimmage today with officials.
Marcus Allen will be at the USC Spring Game
UW is "teaching new words, new expectations, new techniques"
Utah is hosting an "Ultimate Tailgate" competition before their Spring Game.

Dark days ahead.


Friday, April 6, 2012

5 questions I have for OSU

Lindsay Schnell from the Oregonian wrote a story about questions fan would like answered (Link to story)  Here are some questions I would like answered:

1.  Why does Danny Langsdorf have a job?
2.  Why is Mike Riley creating a QB controversy with the high remarks of Vaz?
3.  What research did Mike Riley and Staff do this off season that they haven't done before?
4.  What changes has Mark Banker made to his defensive schemes?
5.  What adjustments has Mike Riley made to Spring practice?  Or is it the same approach as usual?

In the video interviews of Riley so far this spring, it looks to be typical Mike Riley yucking it up and using his standard comments that he has used in previous years.  I don't see a sense of urgency like the team to the south has.  I am not a UO fan but I do like the way Chip runs his program.  He isn't out to make friends, his mission is to win games.  Riley wants everyone to like him.  At this point in his career he needs to make drastic changes to his approach in every facet of the game.  Fans will not fill Reser if changes are not made, especially with the new Pac12 TV deal.

As always I encourage your comments and questions.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Practice to begin

According to Athlon Sports, Mike Riley ranks 7th out of 12 on the coaching list.  Athlon Pac12 Coaching article  To be honest I am surprised he is ranked that high.  He has done nothing to prove otherwise.  

According to Coaches on the Hot Seat, Mike Riley is number 2 on the list.  The Hot Seat  This makes sense.  

Paul Buker with the Oregonian gives another stellar report on Mike Riley Spring Practice  I cannot wait until someone actually writes an article being critical of this coach and his staff.

This link is by far my favorite ever.  Our beloved leader Bob DeCarolis shares what the new Game Day experience will be Orange Perspective  His writing skills are the least of his worries.  I don't want to spoil it for the reader but here are my favorite points.

- WE CARE - Create A Remarkable Experience
- New Lost & Found
- Student Ambassadors

I had a discussion with a Beaver fan and he said of the new Lost & Found "I envision a closet full of lost canes and bifocals."  

Missing in Action this off-season:
Article/Interview with Danny Langsdorf and his inability to execute at his job.

Who is the target audience for Oregon State?
What are the plans for the Pac12 television money?
Will Reser sell out this season?

Your questions and comments are greatly appreciated.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Comment from a fan

How about we stay somewhat competitive with the team down south before we worry about WE CARE?  Stop catering to AARP card holders...Riley's a librarian, a nice guy, but not cut out to be a D-1 coach.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Riley fan's reply to an earlier post - DO YOU AGREE?

Let me start off by saying I understand your frustration with the state of the program the past two season.  It has been a difficult time to be a Beaver fan especially with the success of the program down south. But as a lifelong fan of Oregon State I strongly believe that firing Mike Riley would send this program deeper down the pole.  And the hire of Rod Perry is an excellent hire that will only help this program.  And if you cannot see the "upside" to this hire, let me point out a few of them to you.

"Why hire a 58 year old coach that hasn't been a part of the college game for 20+ year"
--Now we have a coach with 20+ years of NFL experience, both as a player and coach, so it is very obvious that this guy knows his stuff (And not for an injury to one of the greatest qb's of all time we probably wouldn't have a shot at this guy).  

Why not hire a younger coach with recruiting experience and an understanding of today's athlete?
-- Well how did the last db coach work out?  Did he bring in great players? were our db's playing at a high level? were they always in position and with proper technique?  Did we land big db recruits?  What Perry bring is an understanding of technique and experience.  And do you think recruits will want to play for a coach who not only played in the NFL and also coached in the NFL.  He knows how to get players to reach that level.  

Finally, he has been around the NFL for 20+ years, mainly with the defenses. So he can put some of concepts that he has learned in his time in the league.

This is a great hire

Thanks for your time.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hiring a buddy

Once again Mike Riley stays consistent with his hiring of a buddy instead of doing what is best for the team, the university, and the fans.  This hire is another mistake in Riley's tenure at OSU.  

Why hire a 58 year old coach that hasn't been a part of the college game for 20+years?
Why not hire a younger coach with recruiting experience and an understanding of today's athlete?
Why hire a 58 year old coach with no recent recruiting experience?
Two year commitment at $200k, really?

I do not see the upside in the hire.  Riley has now increased his staff by one more coach that is out of touch with today's athlete.  

Happy Valentine's Day fans, Mike Riley has just given us whip cream on top of a pile of crap.

Please feel free to discuss or email me at firemikeriley@gmail.com

Monday, January 9, 2012

*email from a concerned fan*

"During a recent interview on 1080 THE FAN Bob D said that the OSU football program had a "hiccup" and is "heading in the right direction."  Unbelievable, right?!  Seems that the trend/direction over the past several years has been downward....Maybe Bob D needs to go....and the rest will take care of itself?

Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 Schedule is out

After carefully looking over the 2012 schedule and taking into account what has taken place since Civil War I only see 2 wins for this team under Riley and his staff.  Below are my simplified predictions for the 2012 season.

Wins: Nicholls State, Arizona State
Blowouts:  Wisconsin, UA, WSU, UW, Stanford, UO 
Close but no adjustments at half: UCLA, BYU, Utah Cal

The season will finish 2-10 and be plagued by excuses and blaming by the coaches.  Riley will once again not be prepared in the month of September staying consistent with his history at OSU.  We will see the media continue to hold hands with Riley skipping through another horrible season.  

I encourage you to email me with your comments.  firemikeriley@gmail.com