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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Committed to Losing through 2019

Mike Riley is making zero changes with his staff.  Everything is fine.  Here is a closer look at everything being fine:
-          4 straight losses against UO
-          2 straight losing seasons
-          59% winning percentage
-          3-6 vs. Oregon (2nd go around)
-          No changes to staff
-          No 1st team Pac12 player
-          Katz debacle.
-          Laughing on the sidelines during blowouts
Mike Riley shares why he feels everything is fine
-          “It feels horrible, really unacceptable is what it is”  Refusing to take blame
-          “I am just very, very disappointed in the year,’’ he continued. “I’ve got to look at myself first, then we’ll go through total evaluation and do everything we can to change this around.
-          “I am not (contemplating staff changes). I think we have good coaches here, with good, solid backgrounds. Good people,’’ said Riley.
Mike Riley has yet to take accountability for the season.  He hides behind excuses and has the “Wait til next year” attitude.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Civil War prediction

29 point dogs is mean Las Vegas.  Why would you be mean to Mike Riley?

It doesn't look good for our Beavers.  Autzen is a crazy place and UO is super pissed after pulling a Mike Riley with the clock.  I found it comical that UO left TOs on the board, sounds familiar eh Riley.  This week has been boring with the chatter from the coaches and players.  I was so glad to hear Mike Riley took time to educate the youngsters about the history of the Civil War.  I am sure the 18 year olds really paid attention and now the game has more meaning then before.  Way to make the game secondary Mike!!  The coaches down south used that time to run drills and let the older players be leaders on the history part of the game.  +1 Chip.

As I have said before I was really hoping Mike took time (10 mins) each practice all season to focus on the spread option.  But I was blasted by many. 

Here is what I know:  UO has embarrassed OSU 3 straight games and is about to make it 4 in a row.  There is no harm in changing up practice to make the team better.  More teams are running the spread.  What Riley is doing, isn't working, look at his record.  Civil War is the right to live in the state of Oregon.  Work harder Coaches.

Spot on Prediction  Angry beat me to it with his genius prediction so I will add to it. 
 - Mike Riley will once again trade FGs for TDs.
 - The fly sweep will be a very popular play
 - James Rodgers will be carried off the field win or lose
 - Mannion will throw 4 picks *2 returned for TDs
 - Mike Riley will hug Chip with a HUGE grin as if he won the game
 - OSU will lose its 4th straight Civil War game 58-6

Thanks for another great season Mike.  Looking forward to seeing you NOT hold your coaches accountable again.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Senior Day

My wish list for 10 things to look for on Saturday vs. U-Dub

  1. James Rodgers lining up in the Wildcat.
  2. Fake punt and Hekker running for his first TD.
  3. Agnew running for 100yds.
  4. Poyer pick 6.
  5. Riley effectively using his TOs.
  6. Stacking the box on D.
  7. Riley going for it on 4th in OSU territory.
  8. Bob DeCarolis handing out apparel at Fan appreciation Day.
  9. Seniors career highlight video tribute before kick off.
  10. OSU knocks Montana out and throttles UW…..53-10.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Do not donate

It is that time of the year for the BASF to start calling your home and asking for donations.  I have already received multiple calls from different volunteers and have kindly said I will not be donating until changes are made with the current staff.  Beaver Nation deserves better.


Monday, November 14, 2011

Sign of Life?

Best part of the game on Saturday was when the entire bar changed all the TVs to the Ducks/Stanford game and refused to allow the 4 OSU fans to watch the game.  I asked once only to hear laughter and maybe a snort.

Following the game via twitter is just as bad.  I watched the replay though.  Terrible, but that is the theme for the season.  2-8 is really sad.  The coaching staff looks lifeless.  The players are following the lead of their fearless leader and laughing on the sidelines after turnovers.  Sinking ship.

A buddy told me today that since the season is over why not do some razzle dazzle?  For example:  Wildcat to James Rodgers.  Blitz on 1st down.  Not punt on 4th.

Instead we see a lifeless Riley pacing the sidelines applying lipbalm.

Here's to 2012, which in my opinion doesn't look very promising.  I still want my money back.


Monday, November 7, 2011

email - From a concerned fan

*********************This is an email from a Fan who has had it.*****************************

Let me make one thing perfectly clear upfront. I HAVE NEVER BEEN A COLLEGE FOOTBALL COACH & GUESS WHAT, I NEVER WILL BE. Neither have most of us with opinions on what should happen at OSU, to Riley & his staff. That has never stopped any of us from offering our opinions. That being said, I don't have to be a college football coach, astronautically engineer or a Rhodes Scholar to see the god-awful, horrific & lack of fundamental pee-wee football Beaver fans are subjected to week in & week out. 

Yesterday was the epitome of this. For example:

1. Butchery of timeouts.
2. Butchery of challenges.
3. Butchery of clock management.
4. Down by 18 points, no hurry up offense–Riley let the 3rd quarter expire without getting off a play. Who does that? Oh that's right....Mike Riley does that & has done that before! 
Like I said, I don't have to be a coach to figure out the basics & see the obvious. Once again we suffered through another game of zero adjustments, predictable play calling & lack of intensity. The Beavers finished with 33 yards rushing for the game. 33 fuc*ing yards people. Stanford had 300! Yes, you read that correctly, 300 yards. Absolutely unacceptable & inexcusable! But this is what we've come to expect from Banker & his defense. Yes, the corners showed some signs of life yesterday & actually looked like they knew what they were doing at times. Too bad it only took them 9 games to figure it out! Speaking of defense, has anyone asked Riley how he explains 22 defensive penalties (2nd most in the nation) that has given the opponent a first down & kept their drive going?  Of course not, because no one in media has the effing stones to ask him anything negative.  When is someone in the media going to ask Riley why 2 weeks in a row fans have not been allowed to call in to the post game show?  We wouldn't want anyone to have to answer any questions or be held accountable would we?  Listen, I will be the 1st one to admit & acknowledge the sad reality that OSU will never get the 4-5 star recruits. We will never have USC, SEC or "Uncle Phil" money.  But I also believe, because I saw it happen with Hurricane Dennis, that when you get a coach that is willing to take a risk on some junior college transfers from the inner city (i.e. DeLawrence Grant, LaDarius Jackson, Chad Johnson, Darnell Robinson, T.J. Hushmenzada) that an immediate impact can be made. And don't anyone tell me or give me that bullshit that Dennis won with Riley's recruits. He won with his own recruits!
Here is a classic Riley quote from yesterday. “Nothing changes for us,” Riley said of the rest of the season. “We haven’t talked about bowls in a long time. I like this team, and we came to play today. I think they will from here on out. There’s an excitement to play.”
Nothing changes for you? Are you kidding me? Why would we want anything to change coach? Why would we want you to make any changes in order to win more than 3 games in the last 2 seasons? You haven't talked about bowls in a long time? Really? That surprises me. Why wouldn't you talk about bowls considering you've won 3 games in the last 2 seasons? You like this team? You like every team you've ever coached. You've liked every player that has ever played for you. You are a great ambassador and builder of young men. I admire you & commend you for that. But a creative & innovative college football coach....HELL TO THE NO!  You THINK they will play from here on out? YOU THINK?  As the head coach you should & it's your job to KNOW, not think, whether or not your team will play come out to play the rest of the season. 

You are paid to WIN footballs games, PERIOD, You have only done that 3 of the last 21 times to date with 3 more games to go. Why would anyone in Beaver Nation believe after what we've seen week in & week out that they don't finish 3-24 in the last 2 seasons?  How is this acceptable to any Beaver fans, especially the one who pony up for season tickets & BASF donations? 

A change needs to be made, the culture & commitment to OSU football from the top down needs to be overhauled. It sickens me that people can’t seem to see & acknowledge that the sign of a good coach & good football team is one that gets better game to game, is prepared game to game, plays with a fire & intensity (see Chip Kelly's players) game to game, is disciplined game to game & is at least in a position to win or be competitive game to game. Unfortunately, as long as Bobby D & staff are heading up the athletic department & the local Corvallis community views Riley as the man that can do no wrong because he is so nice, so well liked, & is Bud's son, that change won't happen. 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Has he given up?

Has Mike Riley given up?  Is he purposely quitting on the team because the administration lacks the ability to hold him accountable for his actions on and off the field? 
I think he has.  His actions yesterday again prove yes.   
1. The entire stadium was screaming time out at the end of the first half as the chains moved forward and the scoreboard read 21 seconds.  No Time out.  The only thing stopping the clock was Remmers and his consistent false start.  Riley’s response, “I wanted to get the play off quicker.”  Well, no shit.  But you had timeouts on the board.  Why not use them?
2. Allowing the clock to expire at the end of the 3rd quarter might as well been a white flag being waved from your hands.
3. Sticking up for your players.  James Rodgers gets hit out of bounds and Riley  does nothing. 
4. Poyer again calls fair catch inside the 10.  Coaching!
This isn’t rocket science yet Riley makes it so hard.  He paces the sidelines with a look on his face of being over medicated or not wanting to be there. 
I am convinced he wants to be fired.  He is testing the system.  His actions are a direct taunt.  He is showing off to the other coaches in the Pac12 that he is untouchable.  I bet he laughs at Mike Stoops thinking, “You fool, you should have gotten a lifetime contract like me.” 
The message is clear Mike Riley that you are finished and just plan on coasting through 2019.  Shame on you and your coaching staff for taking our money, our hearts, and our souls.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ask the tough questions

Does Mike Riley have an incredible amount of dirt or incriminating photos of the media that covers him?  He must.  No one in the media ever criticizes him to his face or asks tough questions.  Has the media sold its soul and pledged never put Riley on the “hot seat?”  Take for instance John Canzano’s show on November, 2nd.  John had the coach on the show for 10+ minutes and not once did John ask the coach about Danny Langsdorf.  He had the perfect opportunity to say:

“Have you lost confidence in Danny Langsdorf to properly call plays for this team?
“Do you plan on evaluating your current staff and making a coaching change at the end of the year?”
“Beaver Nation has lost confidence in the play calling from Danny Langsdorf.  Are you taking over the play calling for Stanford?”

In my opinion these questions are justified and aren’t mean or offensive.  Yet in John’s column he dances around the topic of a coaching change.  Mike Riley needs to cook up new ideas to stay off the hot seat 

Why not take the opporuntity to ask the coach directly?  Are you chicken?  Is Mike Riley a threat?  Will he never speak to you again?  I don’t understand.  We have seen Canzano go after a coach in the past, Chip Kelly.  He even went on ESPN calling Coach Kelly out.  Why can’t you (the media) take that same passion and journalistic ability towards Mike Riley.  We all know he deserves some accountability.  He certainly isn’t getting any from the current administration.  John is very good at stirring things up.  The articles are a start, now how about actually putting Coach Riley on the “Hot Seat.”

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What if...?

Just think…..What if?……….where would OSU be?
What if Riley was prepared in September? 
What if Jonathon Smith was OSU’s OC?
What if Bobby D cared?
What if no one renewed their season tickets?
What if the students called the plays during the game instead of Langsdorf and signaled them in by placards? 
What if Riley thinks the Stanford game is in Pal Alto? 
What if tailgating began Friday night? 
What if I was allowed to interview Riley instead of Buker? 
What if Dennis never left? 
What if Joe the Tank catches that ball against UW? 
What if Katz transfers and writes a tell all book about Riley?
What if Riley keeps laughing on the sidelines and wets his pants? 
What if the coaching staff shotguns beers before kickoff at mid-field? 
What if OSU sells tickets through GROUPON? 
What if Canzano asks me to sit in on his show? 
What if I sell orange and black paper bags for your head outside of Reser? 
What if the flysweep was the only play called during the entire game?
What if OSU dumps NIKE and goes with Adidas?