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Friday, September 30, 2011

Riley vs. The Fork

According to Mike Riley and his staff they are seeing lots of positives in their 0-3 start.  I would like to share a few that I found and other places I have not found. 
·         Offensive line?  No, he blamed them for the 4th and 1 snafu.
·         Quarterback?  No, sweaty hands.  Oh wait that was from the Center.  Katz Package?
·         Defense?  No.  The Red Zone is not their friend.  
·         Special Teams?  Ah ha.  Poyer to the house does erase a -4 yard punt.  Score 1
·         Trick Plays?  No.  Haven’t seen one yet.
·         The return of James Rodgers?  Oh..wait for it…Yes.  That was positive.  Score 2
Scoreboard so far……Riley 2 FMR 4
·         Adjustments at half?  No.  See 2nd half versus UCLA run game.
·         Running game since Agnew?  No.  A West Salem Walk-on is not going to cut it. 
·         National Rankings in Offense?  No 116 out of 120…wait is that a positive because they don’t rank last??  No.
·         Staff hiding in dark holes?  Yes.  But is that positive.  It must be lonely.  All I can picture is Howie hiding in the closet in Benchwarmers.  Score 3
·         OSU beating ASU 3 straight?  Yes, but that was with Quizz.  Regardless.  Score 4
Final Scoreboard……Riley 4 FMR 7
It was close but FireMikeRiley wins.  Tomorrow will not be pretty.  Mannion is going to get knocked around, picked off, stepped on, and beat up by Burfict.  Dennis has said all the right things this week but when it comes to ending this streak against Riley he is going to step on the gas and finish strong, just like at Last Call.
ASU 52 OSU 3

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A discussion that took place at the tailgater.

 After the disappointing loss to UCLA I made my way back to the tailgater to rant about everything Mike Riley did during the game.  I was fired up and ready to argue with anyone who was showing any support of the coach.  I played out in my mind a few statements I was going to make to silence the crowds.  My soapbox was ready.  However, when I arrived to the tailgater I was told to wait until they were done listening to the post game show.  So I obliged and listened along also.  I was shocked to hear Riley talk about all the positives he and the team are taking from the loss.  Typical I said to myself as I was preparing to slice and dice up any Riley supporter.  As we began to talk about the game I was quickly realized I wasn’t alone with my disliking for Coach Riley and his staff.  I will equate the conversation to that of a Socratic Chair method of learning.  Here are a few noteworthy statements:
·         How do we expect 2 star walk-on Offensive linemen from Lake Oswego to block 5 star athletes from SoCal?  Riley clearly isn’t recruiting hard enough and needs to stop recruiting from High schools that employ his buddies.
·         OSU was so lucky to have Jaquizz for the 3 years because he truly was a diamond in the rough playing behind a bad O line.
·         OSU cannot and will not win in the Pac12 with a walk-on from West Salem.
·         This stale offense may have worked with better athletes in the past, but the current athletes are not talented enough to get it done.  Changes need to be made in the play book.
·         Why is Danny Langsdorf allowed to continue calling plays?
·         4th and 1 and we punt?  Why?
·         Not only is Mike Riley losing recruits to Boise State, he has put OSU in the place of being the 3rd best team in the state.
These were just a few that stuck out.  I edited out the explicative as the majority of Beaver Nation at our tailgater was really upset.  Please share your thoughts on the game and season so far. 
I encourage you to visit www.angrybeavs.com and follow him on twitter as well.  Your voice is important and needs to be heard.  I also encourage you to stop writing checks to the BASF.  You can support OSU without supporting Mike Riley.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Job Performance

Mike Riley has a job.  His job is to win football games, period.  He was not hired to mold young men into role models or direct them towards opportunities.  He was re-hired in 2003 to win football games.  He made a promise then and continues to say each year, at the Pac10/12 media day, that he wants to compete in the conference for a Rose Bowl.  Sounds great, but he has yet to live up to that promise.

Year after year his teams start slow in September.  So much and often that the fan base, media, and boosters expect it without questioning the team's start.  He has created a culture of losing.  For some insane reason, no one cares about his slow starts.  Not even the players.  Leaders/seniors on the team have commented in the press about it.  They are used to it and now this crop of freshman are falling right into line with an expectation that Beaver football loses in September and they need to just accept it.  It is now their culture.

The media continues to write about how well respected he is with his peers in the NCAA and what a pleasure it is to be around him.  Well he should be, shouldn't he?  He is a coach at a Division I university that has a great reputation in a very competitive conference in his home town.  He is living the dream.  Anyone of us would act the same way.  This act warrants nice guy articles while distracting the media from being critical, almost to the point of feeling sorry for him.  Therefore no one wants to write a piece on his losing culture he has created.  His  win/loss record is mediocre at best.  Fans and media look past his record and "respect" him because he is nice and says all the right things.   The acceptance of being mediocre is embedded in Beaver Nation.

Unfortunately he has surrounded himself with his buddies, therefore he refuses to hold any of his staff accountable as they lose games they should win and win games they are predicted to lose.   His teams are bi-polar.  Fans have no idea what team is going to show up.  This can not longer be the norm and culture.  A smile, a cliche, or a tip of the hat will not hide the losses.  Riley should not be celebrated for almost winning.
Coaches at other universities have lost their jobs for .500 seasons, not rewarded with an additional year on their contract.

Oregon State football under Mike Riley is moving in the wrong direction.  It is 2011, change is acceptable and encouraged.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


I applaud the defensive and hope each one of you personally gave it to the offense for keeping you on the field for so damn long.  OSU's offense is flat out embarrassing, and I blame the coaching 100%.  Langsdorf has no business being a coach in the Pac12 or the Central Valley League.  Langsdorf is terrible and has gotten worse year after year.  The first change has to be with him.  Being a sidekick and buddy of the head coach does not mean you are worthy of calling plays.  There are so many issues with yesterday's game I don't have the time to go after each one, however here are a few:

Hekker -4 punt then tweeting "Damn.....I still love my life, -4 yard punt an all:)#godisgood" is the most ridiculous statement I have ever read.  Nice hair too.  Jackass.

Riley starting Katz for 3 plays then pulling him not only had Beaver Nation wondering what the F, but also had the ESPN crew questioning his decision making.  Both Urban Meyer (please come coach our team) and Chris Spielman were at a loss.

4th down decision to go for it...hip hip...but the play call???  Booooo.  Guessing game.  Might as well just draw plays up in the dirt.

Riley has clearly lost the team and it is getting worse.  Riley is now 1-15 in September on the road.  How does this guy still have a job?

I challenge you to speak up and get this guy fired.  He is killing Beaver Nation and our football team.


Friday, September 9, 2011

Pre-game - Wisconsin.

What a week.  Agnew out.  QB controversy.  The word 'phony' used about QB controversy.  The spread is 3 touchdowns .  This does not spell out well for Riley and his staff.

After reading tweets all week I am convinced Beaver Nation has the full support of Mike Riley.  Why?  I do not understand why he hasn't taken more criticism about his last 6 games especially Sac St.  It doesn't make any sense. Not even Canzano is going after Riley.  Instead he helps Riley with the misdirection and uses the word scapegoat for Katz.  HUH???  Why not go after Riley on the BFT show?  Instead JC talks about the off duty cop escorting him to Autzen.  Booooring.  Come on JC?  Have some balls.  OR Why aren't people questioning Riley's steadfast support of Langsdorf?  How this guy has a job today is unreal?  Ask anyone that grew up with him in McMinnville and they will tell you he knows nothing about football and is a real tool.  A monkey could call a better game.  Run up the middle, short out, run up the middle doesn't scream offensive genius.  It is so predictable and sad.

People have commented on the many articles on O-live about "opening up the playbook."  I don't think Langsdorf has a playbook with more then one page, therefore it is going to be difficult to open it up.  I hate to say this but Wisconsin is going to lay 70 on the Beavs.

Fire Mike Riley and save the season and program.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sac St.......Really?? 29-28

Embarrassing, humiliating, terrible.......you pick the word that best describes what took place at Reser Stadium.  Year after year Beaver Nation has to deal with this.  Why?  How much is enough?  Mike Riley has no business leading Oregon State.  At what point if creating a family atmosphere more important then winning football games?  He was hired to win football games, period!  He has surrounded himself with poor coaches and works for a weak AD who is intimidated by the boosters that live 3 minutes from the university.  Time to sack up Bobby D and realize that having a mediocre coach does not fill the stadium which does not result in donations.