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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Gameday improvements-PART 1

I have been fortunate in my time to travel to many stadiums and experience different gameday atmospheres.  When compared to other schools OSU is lacking in many areas.  OSU unfortunately is embarrassing and the administration is to blame.  The administration continues to cater to the elderly and have a 1970’s vibe.  This is PART 1 - a short and simple list that will help get OSU a step in the right direction.  These are just a few Additions/Changes I hope to see at Reser in 2012.  I honestly don’t see it being that difficult to improve the atmosphere at Reser and lose the 1970’s vibe.
Truax needs to be open to public before, during, and after the game with a beer/wine garden – fans will pay $6.50 for a beer and stick around.  Have a live band playing.  Have big screens throughout and tables & a food court.  This is FREE money for the BASF and will increase the number of fans around the game.
Create an OSU tailgating center aka Terry Bakerville, located on the new IM fields.  This center should be student driven with hundreds of tents, sponsored by local business, open to public, and be considered, The Biggest Tailgate Party in the NW
2. FOOD CONCESSIONS – Why are children are taking orders?  I am sorry but I don’t care about the local Brownies, the Sweet Home Boys & Girls Club, or some Children’s home trying to raise money.  I came to watch a football game and don’t want to stand in line watching a 5th grader attempt to make change.  Please change the menu to meet the needs of the fans and have OSU students work behind the counter. 
Select one of the concessions and name it “Tommy Prothro’s Grill”
Get American Dream, Clod’s, or Big River inside the stadium. 
Increase: frequency of replays on the Jumbo-tron during the game, highlights of past WINS, big hits, great catches, video messages from former Players, more stats, camera shots of attractive people - cleaver signage – proper gameday attire
Decreases: Hall & Oates, bicep trivia, Dari-Mart ads, Team running through the blow up helmet, catering to the elderly, football toss for a Zales ring, camera shots of old people and idiots.
PART 2 will be coming shortly.
Feel free to share - firemikeriley@gmail.com

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Wake up

Thank you again Mike Riley for a losing season.  I did not want to do it but I watched the Civil War game again.  What are you doing on the side lines?  You just pace with your arms crossed and show zero emotion.  It hasn't been just the CW game, we have seen this in past games.  You preach how fortunate you are to be coaching yet your behavior on the side lines say a different story.  I encourage you to take a look in the mirror and ask yourself if coaching at OSU is truly what you want to be doing.  OSU and Beaver Nation deserve better, there is nothing wrong with bowing out.  Do the right thing and walk away now.    

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Committed to Losing through 2019

Mike Riley is making zero changes with his staff.  Everything is fine.  Here is a closer look at everything being fine:
-          4 straight losses against UO
-          2 straight losing seasons
-          59% winning percentage
-          3-6 vs. Oregon (2nd go around)
-          No changes to staff
-          No 1st team Pac12 player
-          Katz debacle.
-          Laughing on the sidelines during blowouts
Mike Riley shares why he feels everything is fine
-          “It feels horrible, really unacceptable is what it is”  Refusing to take blame
-          “I am just very, very disappointed in the year,’’ he continued. “I’ve got to look at myself first, then we’ll go through total evaluation and do everything we can to change this around.
-          “I am not (contemplating staff changes). I think we have good coaches here, with good, solid backgrounds. Good people,’’ said Riley.
Mike Riley has yet to take accountability for the season.  He hides behind excuses and has the “Wait til next year” attitude.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Civil War prediction

29 point dogs is mean Las Vegas.  Why would you be mean to Mike Riley?

It doesn't look good for our Beavers.  Autzen is a crazy place and UO is super pissed after pulling a Mike Riley with the clock.  I found it comical that UO left TOs on the board, sounds familiar eh Riley.  This week has been boring with the chatter from the coaches and players.  I was so glad to hear Mike Riley took time to educate the youngsters about the history of the Civil War.  I am sure the 18 year olds really paid attention and now the game has more meaning then before.  Way to make the game secondary Mike!!  The coaches down south used that time to run drills and let the older players be leaders on the history part of the game.  +1 Chip.

As I have said before I was really hoping Mike took time (10 mins) each practice all season to focus on the spread option.  But I was blasted by many. 

Here is what I know:  UO has embarrassed OSU 3 straight games and is about to make it 4 in a row.  There is no harm in changing up practice to make the team better.  More teams are running the spread.  What Riley is doing, isn't working, look at his record.  Civil War is the right to live in the state of Oregon.  Work harder Coaches.

Spot on Prediction  Angry beat me to it with his genius prediction so I will add to it. 
 - Mike Riley will once again trade FGs for TDs.
 - The fly sweep will be a very popular play
 - James Rodgers will be carried off the field win or lose
 - Mannion will throw 4 picks *2 returned for TDs
 - Mike Riley will hug Chip with a HUGE grin as if he won the game
 - OSU will lose its 4th straight Civil War game 58-6

Thanks for another great season Mike.  Looking forward to seeing you NOT hold your coaches accountable again.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Senior Day

My wish list for 10 things to look for on Saturday vs. U-Dub

  1. James Rodgers lining up in the Wildcat.
  2. Fake punt and Hekker running for his first TD.
  3. Agnew running for 100yds.
  4. Poyer pick 6.
  5. Riley effectively using his TOs.
  6. Stacking the box on D.
  7. Riley going for it on 4th in OSU territory.
  8. Bob DeCarolis handing out apparel at Fan appreciation Day.
  9. Seniors career highlight video tribute before kick off.
  10. OSU knocks Montana out and throttles UW…..53-10.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Do not donate

It is that time of the year for the BASF to start calling your home and asking for donations.  I have already received multiple calls from different volunteers and have kindly said I will not be donating until changes are made with the current staff.  Beaver Nation deserves better.


Monday, November 14, 2011

Sign of Life?

Best part of the game on Saturday was when the entire bar changed all the TVs to the Ducks/Stanford game and refused to allow the 4 OSU fans to watch the game.  I asked once only to hear laughter and maybe a snort.

Following the game via twitter is just as bad.  I watched the replay though.  Terrible, but that is the theme for the season.  2-8 is really sad.  The coaching staff looks lifeless.  The players are following the lead of their fearless leader and laughing on the sidelines after turnovers.  Sinking ship.

A buddy told me today that since the season is over why not do some razzle dazzle?  For example:  Wildcat to James Rodgers.  Blitz on 1st down.  Not punt on 4th.

Instead we see a lifeless Riley pacing the sidelines applying lipbalm.

Here's to 2012, which in my opinion doesn't look very promising.  I still want my money back.


Monday, November 7, 2011

email - From a concerned fan

*********************This is an email from a Fan who has had it.*****************************

Let me make one thing perfectly clear upfront. I HAVE NEVER BEEN A COLLEGE FOOTBALL COACH & GUESS WHAT, I NEVER WILL BE. Neither have most of us with opinions on what should happen at OSU, to Riley & his staff. That has never stopped any of us from offering our opinions. That being said, I don't have to be a college football coach, astronautically engineer or a Rhodes Scholar to see the god-awful, horrific & lack of fundamental pee-wee football Beaver fans are subjected to week in & week out. 

Yesterday was the epitome of this. For example:

1. Butchery of timeouts.
2. Butchery of challenges.
3. Butchery of clock management.
4. Down by 18 points, no hurry up offense–Riley let the 3rd quarter expire without getting off a play. Who does that? Oh that's right....Mike Riley does that & has done that before! 
Like I said, I don't have to be a coach to figure out the basics & see the obvious. Once again we suffered through another game of zero adjustments, predictable play calling & lack of intensity. The Beavers finished with 33 yards rushing for the game. 33 fuc*ing yards people. Stanford had 300! Yes, you read that correctly, 300 yards. Absolutely unacceptable & inexcusable! But this is what we've come to expect from Banker & his defense. Yes, the corners showed some signs of life yesterday & actually looked like they knew what they were doing at times. Too bad it only took them 9 games to figure it out! Speaking of defense, has anyone asked Riley how he explains 22 defensive penalties (2nd most in the nation) that has given the opponent a first down & kept their drive going?  Of course not, because no one in media has the effing stones to ask him anything negative.  When is someone in the media going to ask Riley why 2 weeks in a row fans have not been allowed to call in to the post game show?  We wouldn't want anyone to have to answer any questions or be held accountable would we?  Listen, I will be the 1st one to admit & acknowledge the sad reality that OSU will never get the 4-5 star recruits. We will never have USC, SEC or "Uncle Phil" money.  But I also believe, because I saw it happen with Hurricane Dennis, that when you get a coach that is willing to take a risk on some junior college transfers from the inner city (i.e. DeLawrence Grant, LaDarius Jackson, Chad Johnson, Darnell Robinson, T.J. Hushmenzada) that an immediate impact can be made. And don't anyone tell me or give me that bullshit that Dennis won with Riley's recruits. He won with his own recruits!
Here is a classic Riley quote from yesterday. “Nothing changes for us,” Riley said of the rest of the season. “We haven’t talked about bowls in a long time. I like this team, and we came to play today. I think they will from here on out. There’s an excitement to play.”
Nothing changes for you? Are you kidding me? Why would we want anything to change coach? Why would we want you to make any changes in order to win more than 3 games in the last 2 seasons? You haven't talked about bowls in a long time? Really? That surprises me. Why wouldn't you talk about bowls considering you've won 3 games in the last 2 seasons? You like this team? You like every team you've ever coached. You've liked every player that has ever played for you. You are a great ambassador and builder of young men. I admire you & commend you for that. But a creative & innovative college football coach....HELL TO THE NO!  You THINK they will play from here on out? YOU THINK?  As the head coach you should & it's your job to KNOW, not think, whether or not your team will play come out to play the rest of the season. 

You are paid to WIN footballs games, PERIOD, You have only done that 3 of the last 21 times to date with 3 more games to go. Why would anyone in Beaver Nation believe after what we've seen week in & week out that they don't finish 3-24 in the last 2 seasons?  How is this acceptable to any Beaver fans, especially the one who pony up for season tickets & BASF donations? 

A change needs to be made, the culture & commitment to OSU football from the top down needs to be overhauled. It sickens me that people can’t seem to see & acknowledge that the sign of a good coach & good football team is one that gets better game to game, is prepared game to game, plays with a fire & intensity (see Chip Kelly's players) game to game, is disciplined game to game & is at least in a position to win or be competitive game to game. Unfortunately, as long as Bobby D & staff are heading up the athletic department & the local Corvallis community views Riley as the man that can do no wrong because he is so nice, so well liked, & is Bud's son, that change won't happen. 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Has he given up?

Has Mike Riley given up?  Is he purposely quitting on the team because the administration lacks the ability to hold him accountable for his actions on and off the field? 
I think he has.  His actions yesterday again prove yes.   
1. The entire stadium was screaming time out at the end of the first half as the chains moved forward and the scoreboard read 21 seconds.  No Time out.  The only thing stopping the clock was Remmers and his consistent false start.  Riley’s response, “I wanted to get the play off quicker.”  Well, no shit.  But you had timeouts on the board.  Why not use them?
2. Allowing the clock to expire at the end of the 3rd quarter might as well been a white flag being waved from your hands.
3. Sticking up for your players.  James Rodgers gets hit out of bounds and Riley  does nothing. 
4. Poyer again calls fair catch inside the 10.  Coaching!
This isn’t rocket science yet Riley makes it so hard.  He paces the sidelines with a look on his face of being over medicated or not wanting to be there. 
I am convinced he wants to be fired.  He is testing the system.  His actions are a direct taunt.  He is showing off to the other coaches in the Pac12 that he is untouchable.  I bet he laughs at Mike Stoops thinking, “You fool, you should have gotten a lifetime contract like me.” 
The message is clear Mike Riley that you are finished and just plan on coasting through 2019.  Shame on you and your coaching staff for taking our money, our hearts, and our souls.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ask the tough questions

Does Mike Riley have an incredible amount of dirt or incriminating photos of the media that covers him?  He must.  No one in the media ever criticizes him to his face or asks tough questions.  Has the media sold its soul and pledged never put Riley on the “hot seat?”  Take for instance John Canzano’s show on November, 2nd.  John had the coach on the show for 10+ minutes and not once did John ask the coach about Danny Langsdorf.  He had the perfect opportunity to say:

“Have you lost confidence in Danny Langsdorf to properly call plays for this team?
“Do you plan on evaluating your current staff and making a coaching change at the end of the year?”
“Beaver Nation has lost confidence in the play calling from Danny Langsdorf.  Are you taking over the play calling for Stanford?”

In my opinion these questions are justified and aren’t mean or offensive.  Yet in John’s column he dances around the topic of a coaching change.  Mike Riley needs to cook up new ideas to stay off the hot seat 

Why not take the opporuntity to ask the coach directly?  Are you chicken?  Is Mike Riley a threat?  Will he never speak to you again?  I don’t understand.  We have seen Canzano go after a coach in the past, Chip Kelly.  He even went on ESPN calling Coach Kelly out.  Why can’t you (the media) take that same passion and journalistic ability towards Mike Riley.  We all know he deserves some accountability.  He certainly isn’t getting any from the current administration.  John is very good at stirring things up.  The articles are a start, now how about actually putting Coach Riley on the “Hot Seat.”

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What if...?

Just think…..What if?……….where would OSU be?
What if Riley was prepared in September? 
What if Jonathon Smith was OSU’s OC?
What if Bobby D cared?
What if no one renewed their season tickets?
What if the students called the plays during the game instead of Langsdorf and signaled them in by placards? 
What if Riley thinks the Stanford game is in Pal Alto? 
What if tailgating began Friday night? 
What if I was allowed to interview Riley instead of Buker? 
What if Dennis never left? 
What if Joe the Tank catches that ball against UW? 
What if Katz transfers and writes a tell all book about Riley?
What if Riley keeps laughing on the sidelines and wets his pants? 
What if the coaching staff shotguns beers before kickoff at mid-field? 
What if OSU sells tickets through GROUPON? 
What if Canzano asks me to sit in on his show? 
What if I sell orange and black paper bags for your head outside of Reser? 
What if the flysweep was the only play called during the entire game?
What if OSU dumps NIKE and goes with Adidas? 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Where do you see the growth in OSU?

I don't see the growth.  Help me out here.  Vote and educate me.

As always I encourage you to email me.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Beavers Hit Rock Bottom

*This was an email from a devoted Beaver fan voicing their opinion*  Again, I encourage anyone from Beaver Nation to email me @ firemikeriley@gmail.com  I will post your email for discussion via twitter or this blog.

               As I sit here tonight and reflect on the dismal Beaver start to the 2011 season, I am in awe over the support that some Beaver fans still have for Mike Riley.  His mediocrity knows no bounds.  In 10 short years we have gone from contenders for the national title, ranked in the top 5 in the nation in every pre-season poll, to quite possible the worst team in the PAC12.  The entire responsibility rests on the shoulders of Mike Riley and Bob DeCarlis.   Mike Riley is not a Division I coach, never was and never will be.

At this point we are 1-5 and with the record of the continual deterioration of the program that started with the loss to the Oregon Ducks in the civil war of 2009.  Well actually, I believe the beginning of the end was when Mike Riley was rehired.  I was a 14 year season ticket holder to Oregon State
Football the last season that Dennis Erickson coached and donated thousands of dollars a year to the school, just to get my parking pass behind the scoreboard, then I bought tickets, food, drinks, tee shirts, hats and many beaver logo paraphernalia for tailgating.  I loved OSU Beaver football, and I still do.   When Mike Riley was rehired as head coach, I quit it all.  I got a call that spring from the Beaver ticket office asking why I didn't renew my season tickets, my response "when you get rid of Mike Riley, I will be back as a Beaver season ticket holder".  I still hold to my word today.  Today, I didn't even spend the few dollars it would have taken to get FCS channel on the dish network to watch the game, I listened to it on the radio, the way my father used to during the dismal days of the 70's and 80's.  The days of the "Giant Killers".  When, by some miraculous alignment of the stars, the only game we would win all season was to someone ranked in the top 10 in the nation, and Beaver fans would celebrate like it was their last day on earth.

In 2009, I attended the MAACO Bowl in Las Vegas and showed my support for my Beavers team that had just barely missed their first shot at the Rose Bowl in 42 years.  I bravely walked into the stadium, bundled up in all my beaver gear, in 30 degree weather with a 50 mph wind blowing, just to sit there and freeze while the Beavers were dismantled by a mediocre BYU team from the opening kickoff.  It was disgraceful. When I arrived back at my hotel room, there were video's on the news of the Beavers whooping it up and partying in Las Vegas like they were on vacation, apparently unaware that thousands of Beaver hopefuls had come to support them in their disappointing bid in the MAACO bowl.  Disappointing that we were there and not the Rose Bowl?  Yes.  But thousands of fans made the trip on their own dime, the Beaver team didn't show.  Complete and utter disgrace and embarrassment in the total lack of coaching.

Back to the point at hand.  Let’s look at the track record of Mike Riley and the list of excuses he and the OSU fans of old use to protect the man. Let’s face it Riley on the verge of taking OSU to a Rose Bowl is gone, in its place is one of the worst teams in the nation. This is one fan that is tired of the excuses.
Excuse #1: We are young - So is Auburn, so were the Ducks last year, their coaching staff figured out how to deal with it successfully, any team with success deals with this.  
Excuse #2: We can't recruit to Corvallis - how is Boise, Stillwater or East Lansing any better?
Excuse #3: We don't have huge donors, Dennis Erickson didn't need them either, Dennis went from $13 million per year in donations to $51 million in just 2 short years, you have to be building a winning football program to get donations.  
Excuse #4: Could OSU really get a good coach? 5 years ago nobody had ever heard of Chip Kelly, Brian Kelly, Gene Chizik or Chris Peterson. You see, great programs start with great leaders that have a grand, winning vision and lead the program to success.  No one at OSU from Mike Riley on up have either great leadership or even a sniff of a vision at creating a winning tradition.

The worst thing EVER done for OSU Beaver football was giving coach Mike Riley the contract that he now has, which now runs until the 2019 season with a large contract buyout clause.   I want to reiterate that I am an avid Beaver fan, always have been and always will be.  But like any drug addict or alcoholic, a person or organization with an addiction has to hit rock bottom before they admit they have a problem and seek help to change their ways.  Bob DeCarlos is an addict, he is addicted to Mike Riley, as long as Riley keeps going to a bowl game every few years, the old guard at OSU is happy and makes his job easy.  Well Bob, your addiction is now catching up to you.  Mike Riley can only make you look and feel good for so long, he is your addiction and you’re heading toward rock bottom.  If it takes a 1-11 season to make the beaver faithful see the error in your ways, then this is one Beaver fan that is rooting for losses, because I don't want to go through another 28 losing seasons.  OSU fans and Bob D, please wake up, learn from history and hire a real coach, before we become the Beavers of yesteryear.

Friday, October 14, 2011

A voice from a Riley Supporter

If you email me and your point is valid I will post it even if I don't agree with it.

Your passion for the Beavers is what clouds your judgment.  I am somewhat removed from all the emotion (living outside the state of Oregon for 15 years) so I can truly bring an objective opinion.  Everyone in Seattle knows that we (OSU) are in a small  market and Riley is a good coach.  The fact that The Ducks have done it also clouds your judgment.  Because The Ducks have transformed you somehow think we can/should do the same.  It's not in the cards my man, it just isn't in the cards.  Sure, you can rant and rave about it all you want but you'll die a bitter old man if you don't come to the realization that we will never truly run with the big boys.  Occasionally we will get lucky and have a Fiesta Bowl run like we did a decade ago but it's not going to happen on a regular basis.  Not enough money in Corvallis or the OSU alumni to support a major program.  Get drunk, enjoy the wins, and try not to get yourself hurt. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Know your audience

Inviting Jerry Pettibone to present the game ball at the Oregon State game shows how far Beaver Nation has come.  The gesture is pleasing to maybe 10% of the crowd at Reser stadium.  This is the same 10% that the OSU administration caters too.  This audience is the older Corvallis community.  This is the same audience that continues to reminisce about the 28 year losing streak, Dee Andros, Craig Fertig and still tells stories about bouncing little Mike Riley on their knees when he was a wee kiddo. They live in the past and are not in touch with today.  They don’t tweet, blog, or even facebook.  They sit around Corvallis Country Club at 4pm eating dinner sipping chardonnay.

The remaining 90% of Reser either doesn’t want to see Jerry Pettibone step foot in Reser, or has no idea who he is or how he is related to OSU.  This is the problem.  OSU is catering to the wrong audience and has been for some time.  OSU needs to understand who their audience is and speak to them by rewarding their passion and faith with alumni, proper highlights, and the present.

Last week James Dockery was invited to be a part of the OSU game during a television timeout.  I applaud whoever invited him but, where was the highlight video?  He is a NFL player and used his bye week to fly back to Corvallis and all they did was say thanks for coming.  Where was the fire, the hype, the bling?  Dockery is NOW, He is a winner.  Fans can relate to him.  He is a product of OSU, a winning product and OSU rewarded him with a 3 minute “Thanks.”  That was embarrassing and OSU owes him an apology. 

If OSU wants to grow they need to catch up with the rest of the Pac12.  They cannot continue catering to the community that doesn’t want to evolve.  OSU needs to market outside of Benton County.  They are missing a great opportunity to grow their brand and market a strong product.  OSU doesn’t need Uncle Phil to bank roll the marketing of a great brand.  They need an administration that realizes it is ok to move forward and focus on the now, the recent, and what is in the best interest of OSU and its fan base. 

OSU has many opportunities to reach out to former players and invite them to return to OSU to present game balls.  Players that made an impact while at OSU and their highlight videos that would fire up the crowd.  Recent products of OSU that fans know and love make more sense than an old coach that didn’t win at OSU and was fired.  I pray OSU doesn’t dig up highlights to share with an already surly crowd.

Bowl Bound?

After 5 games and 1 victory, Mike Riley thinks OSU is bowl bound. 

"We're a long way from saying we're a conference contender, but we are a contender if we get a string together for a bowl game.' – pulled from the Oregonian

Is Mike Riley deranged?  He has 1 win against a team that is 1-5 and 4 losses against teams that are Sac St 3-3, Wisconsin 5-0, ASU 5-1 and UCLA 3-3.

BYU comes to town at 4-2, then at WSU 3-2, at Utah 2-3, home Stanford 5-0, at Cal 3-2, home Washington 4-1, and finally at UO 4-1.

Where does he see 5 wins?  One team has a losing record on the schedule.  The man is insane.  I feel badly for the players having to listen to him give false expectations.  

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lessons at Reser

7 things I learned yesterday at Reser.
7.  Hekker must be so tired after games.  He spends the entire game practicing.  1st down and he is warming up. 
6.  Beaver Nation is so forgiving.  One win and the loss to Sac State is a distant memory.  Pathetic.
5.  Sean Mannion locks onto his receiver and will not look away.  I am pretty sure I saw Mannion receive a text message from James Rodgers saying, “Hey sport, I am open in the endzone.”
4.  Jordan Poyer was picked on.  Foles must hate the city of Astoria.
3.  Corvallis has too many Zones and leaving Corvallis is not that confusing.  OSU needs to replace the “Leaving Corvallis” video with OSU football highlights and loud music keeping fans in their seats yelling and screaming.
2.  The Orange jerseys work.  Keep em for BYU
1.  Mike Riley and his staff did their job.  Why they chose October 8th to finally show up and coach, I do not understand. , but they did their job.  Where was this in September? 

If this team rattles off wins against BYU, WSU, Utah, Cal, and UW then Riley truly deserves to be fired.  There is absolutely zero reason for the slow start and losing to Sac State, UCLA, and ASU are reasons to let him go.  You were hired to win games ALL SEASON, not from October through December.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Who did you choose and Why?

Mark Mangino – FIRED

Total Record 50-48

Bowl Record 3-1

Conference Record 23-41

Best season 12-1

Ralph Friedgen - FIRED

Total Record 75-50

Bowl Record 5-2

Conference Record 43-37

Best Season 11-3

Mike Riley - PASS

Total Record 69-58

Bowl Record 5-1

Conference Record 43-43

Best Season 10-4

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

 If you were the AD, what coach would you keep?

Coach A

Total Record 50-48

Bowl Record 3-1

Conference Record 23-41

Best season 12-1

Coach B

Total Record 75-50

Bowl Record 5-2

Conference Record 43-37

Best Season 11-3

Coach C

Total Record 69-58

Bowl Record 5-1

Conference Record 43-43

Best Season 10-4

Coach's names to be revealed later.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It must be Happy Hour somewhere

How many of you look forward to a Friday Happy hour?  There is nothing better than after a tough week grinding it out in the cubical then getting out of work, and heading to your favorite tavern, bellying up to the bar in your favorite bar stool, and having that iced cold beer; poured with such care that you salivate just staring at it and you recall how the last time you were here it happened the same way.  Then your crew rolls in, because you always have a crew together at HH and you enjoy happy hour with more iced cold beer, tunes from the juke box, and maybe a game of snooker or arrow toss.  Happy hour is a great way to spend time with friends, family, and strangers that also enjoy a good happy hour. 
                Well, just think if that was ripped away from you without warning.  Your expectations of enjoying happy hour dashed without a letter, fax, page, or signal.   You get out of work and head to your favorite tavern, like it always is and has been – it’s open, the same bartender is working, your chair is open at the bar, but when you sit down, there is no iced cold beer.  You can see the tap handles right there in front of you and the tall boys chilling nicely in the ice box.  What is going on?  You franticly wave the barkeep down and ask, “What gives? Why won’t you serve me my favorite frosty beverage?”  His reply, “Sorry, we don’t serve beer anymore.”  What, huh….why?  The barkeep then proceeds to tell you that the owner, despite being the nicest owner, feels it isn’t necessary to serve beer at this time.  He isn’t comfortable serving beer, instead he says, “We have one brand of local chardonnay that you can drink, it’s a young vintage, but it is lovely.” He then promises to start serving beer again, but not until 2012.

Some customers do like chardonnay and have been drinking it for a long time and you can’t change their minds, but I and many other patrons who love this bar don’t like chardonnay.  We like our beer at happy hour. 

Mike Riley has stolen our Happy hour.  He is forcing us to drink chardonnay. 

I don’t want to wait to 2012 when he decides to go to work.  Let's fire Riley now.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

What is your prediction for OSU vs. ASU?

Beaver Nation.  What is your prediction today?

You have a voice, Let's hear it.  Predictions, comments, rants, etc.  Step up.

52-3 ASU

Friday, September 30, 2011

Riley vs. The Fork

According to Mike Riley and his staff they are seeing lots of positives in their 0-3 start.  I would like to share a few that I found and other places I have not found. 
·         Offensive line?  No, he blamed them for the 4th and 1 snafu.
·         Quarterback?  No, sweaty hands.  Oh wait that was from the Center.  Katz Package?
·         Defense?  No.  The Red Zone is not their friend.  
·         Special Teams?  Ah ha.  Poyer to the house does erase a -4 yard punt.  Score 1
·         Trick Plays?  No.  Haven’t seen one yet.
·         The return of James Rodgers?  Oh..wait for it…Yes.  That was positive.  Score 2
Scoreboard so far……Riley 2 FMR 4
·         Adjustments at half?  No.  See 2nd half versus UCLA run game.
·         Running game since Agnew?  No.  A West Salem Walk-on is not going to cut it. 
·         National Rankings in Offense?  No 116 out of 120…wait is that a positive because they don’t rank last??  No.
·         Staff hiding in dark holes?  Yes.  But is that positive.  It must be lonely.  All I can picture is Howie hiding in the closet in Benchwarmers.  Score 3
·         OSU beating ASU 3 straight?  Yes, but that was with Quizz.  Regardless.  Score 4
Final Scoreboard……Riley 4 FMR 7
It was close but FireMikeRiley wins.  Tomorrow will not be pretty.  Mannion is going to get knocked around, picked off, stepped on, and beat up by Burfict.  Dennis has said all the right things this week but when it comes to ending this streak against Riley he is going to step on the gas and finish strong, just like at Last Call.
ASU 52 OSU 3

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A discussion that took place at the tailgater.

 After the disappointing loss to UCLA I made my way back to the tailgater to rant about everything Mike Riley did during the game.  I was fired up and ready to argue with anyone who was showing any support of the coach.  I played out in my mind a few statements I was going to make to silence the crowds.  My soapbox was ready.  However, when I arrived to the tailgater I was told to wait until they were done listening to the post game show.  So I obliged and listened along also.  I was shocked to hear Riley talk about all the positives he and the team are taking from the loss.  Typical I said to myself as I was preparing to slice and dice up any Riley supporter.  As we began to talk about the game I was quickly realized I wasn’t alone with my disliking for Coach Riley and his staff.  I will equate the conversation to that of a Socratic Chair method of learning.  Here are a few noteworthy statements:
·         How do we expect 2 star walk-on Offensive linemen from Lake Oswego to block 5 star athletes from SoCal?  Riley clearly isn’t recruiting hard enough and needs to stop recruiting from High schools that employ his buddies.
·         OSU was so lucky to have Jaquizz for the 3 years because he truly was a diamond in the rough playing behind a bad O line.
·         OSU cannot and will not win in the Pac12 with a walk-on from West Salem.
·         This stale offense may have worked with better athletes in the past, but the current athletes are not talented enough to get it done.  Changes need to be made in the play book.
·         Why is Danny Langsdorf allowed to continue calling plays?
·         4th and 1 and we punt?  Why?
·         Not only is Mike Riley losing recruits to Boise State, he has put OSU in the place of being the 3rd best team in the state.
These were just a few that stuck out.  I edited out the explicative as the majority of Beaver Nation at our tailgater was really upset.  Please share your thoughts on the game and season so far. 
I encourage you to visit www.angrybeavs.com and follow him on twitter as well.  Your voice is important and needs to be heard.  I also encourage you to stop writing checks to the BASF.  You can support OSU without supporting Mike Riley.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Job Performance

Mike Riley has a job.  His job is to win football games, period.  He was not hired to mold young men into role models or direct them towards opportunities.  He was re-hired in 2003 to win football games.  He made a promise then and continues to say each year, at the Pac10/12 media day, that he wants to compete in the conference for a Rose Bowl.  Sounds great, but he has yet to live up to that promise.

Year after year his teams start slow in September.  So much and often that the fan base, media, and boosters expect it without questioning the team's start.  He has created a culture of losing.  For some insane reason, no one cares about his slow starts.  Not even the players.  Leaders/seniors on the team have commented in the press about it.  They are used to it and now this crop of freshman are falling right into line with an expectation that Beaver football loses in September and they need to just accept it.  It is now their culture.

The media continues to write about how well respected he is with his peers in the NCAA and what a pleasure it is to be around him.  Well he should be, shouldn't he?  He is a coach at a Division I university that has a great reputation in a very competitive conference in his home town.  He is living the dream.  Anyone of us would act the same way.  This act warrants nice guy articles while distracting the media from being critical, almost to the point of feeling sorry for him.  Therefore no one wants to write a piece on his losing culture he has created.  His  win/loss record is mediocre at best.  Fans and media look past his record and "respect" him because he is nice and says all the right things.   The acceptance of being mediocre is embedded in Beaver Nation.

Unfortunately he has surrounded himself with his buddies, therefore he refuses to hold any of his staff accountable as they lose games they should win and win games they are predicted to lose.   His teams are bi-polar.  Fans have no idea what team is going to show up.  This can not longer be the norm and culture.  A smile, a cliche, or a tip of the hat will not hide the losses.  Riley should not be celebrated for almost winning.
Coaches at other universities have lost their jobs for .500 seasons, not rewarded with an additional year on their contract.

Oregon State football under Mike Riley is moving in the wrong direction.  It is 2011, change is acceptable and encouraged.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


I applaud the defensive and hope each one of you personally gave it to the offense for keeping you on the field for so damn long.  OSU's offense is flat out embarrassing, and I blame the coaching 100%.  Langsdorf has no business being a coach in the Pac12 or the Central Valley League.  Langsdorf is terrible and has gotten worse year after year.  The first change has to be with him.  Being a sidekick and buddy of the head coach does not mean you are worthy of calling plays.  There are so many issues with yesterday's game I don't have the time to go after each one, however here are a few:

Hekker -4 punt then tweeting "Damn.....I still love my life, -4 yard punt an all:)#godisgood" is the most ridiculous statement I have ever read.  Nice hair too.  Jackass.

Riley starting Katz for 3 plays then pulling him not only had Beaver Nation wondering what the F, but also had the ESPN crew questioning his decision making.  Both Urban Meyer (please come coach our team) and Chris Spielman were at a loss.

4th down decision to go for it...hip hip...but the play call???  Booooo.  Guessing game.  Might as well just draw plays up in the dirt.

Riley has clearly lost the team and it is getting worse.  Riley is now 1-15 in September on the road.  How does this guy still have a job?

I challenge you to speak up and get this guy fired.  He is killing Beaver Nation and our football team.


Friday, September 9, 2011

Pre-game - Wisconsin.

What a week.  Agnew out.  QB controversy.  The word 'phony' used about QB controversy.  The spread is 3 touchdowns .  This does not spell out well for Riley and his staff.

After reading tweets all week I am convinced Beaver Nation has the full support of Mike Riley.  Why?  I do not understand why he hasn't taken more criticism about his last 6 games especially Sac St.  It doesn't make any sense. Not even Canzano is going after Riley.  Instead he helps Riley with the misdirection and uses the word scapegoat for Katz.  HUH???  Why not go after Riley on the BFT show?  Instead JC talks about the off duty cop escorting him to Autzen.  Booooring.  Come on JC?  Have some balls.  OR Why aren't people questioning Riley's steadfast support of Langsdorf?  How this guy has a job today is unreal?  Ask anyone that grew up with him in McMinnville and they will tell you he knows nothing about football and is a real tool.  A monkey could call a better game.  Run up the middle, short out, run up the middle doesn't scream offensive genius.  It is so predictable and sad.

People have commented on the many articles on O-live about "opening up the playbook."  I don't think Langsdorf has a playbook with more then one page, therefore it is going to be difficult to open it up.  I hate to say this but Wisconsin is going to lay 70 on the Beavs.

Fire Mike Riley and save the season and program.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sac St.......Really?? 29-28

Embarrassing, humiliating, terrible.......you pick the word that best describes what took place at Reser Stadium.  Year after year Beaver Nation has to deal with this.  Why?  How much is enough?  Mike Riley has no business leading Oregon State.  At what point if creating a family atmosphere more important then winning football games?  He was hired to win football games, period!  He has surrounded himself with poor coaches and works for a weak AD who is intimidated by the boosters that live 3 minutes from the university.  Time to sack up Bobby D and realize that having a mediocre coach does not fill the stadium which does not result in donations.