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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What kind of fan are you?

My summer reading list included On Rocky Top by Clay Travis. A close friend gave this book to me because in his opinion I am a bad fan. My wife agrees. I didn't, until I read this book. Clay Travis spends the 2008 season covering the Tennessee Volunteers football team and gives you a behind the scenes look into the ups and downs of a season from multiple view points, including the fans. Before I drag this on about becoming a better fan I want it to be very clear that in no way do I think Mike Riley and Philip Fulmer are close in accomplishments. They are not and I challenge anyone to prove me wrong.

I strongly recommend this book. It is a great read and Clay Travis is brilliant. Also, I encourage you to visit his web site Outkick the Coverage. Thank me later. Enough about Clay Travis and more about me.

As the season draws closer, I have been taking time to reflect about my behavior on game day, post game, and the week in between games.  My behavior hasn't been pretty.  

1. As an OSU graduate I take it so personally when OSU losses a game, as if OSU did it on purpose. 
2. I would cuss and stomp around the room or tailgater venting my hatred for both Mike Riley and Danny Langsdorf while recapping the game and drowning my sorrows with beer and dip causing a scene. 
3. I cursed the poor play of the players when they made a mistake, again as if they did it to me personally and on purpose. 
4. I encouraged strangers to join my cause of firing Mike Riley like Frank the tank rallying a group to go streaking with me. 
5. I put a lot of energy into my love of OSU and my hatred of Mike Riley when I should be focusing on other more important things. 

My opinion still hasn't changed about Mike Riley, I do not believe he is the right coach for the job, but what this book did for me was slap me in the face and help me realize what kind of fan I should be:

- I wouldn't recognize a player off the field without his jersey on, yet I act like I know them personally when they are playing and scream at them as if they were my son
- I have no idea how to coach or lead a group of young men week after week, win or lose
- There is no way I feel worse than the entire team, coaches included, after each loss
- No one is listening to me when I get on my soapbox to cry about the direction of OSU football
- If Riley goes it could be worse, much worse
- Being "That guy/fan" is exhausting
- I need to quit stating the obvious after each loss
- Gamedays and Tailgating need to be more positive and less of a bitch session
- I need to write BDC a thank you note for the Michigan game, we are looking forward to going to the Big House

I do not know what this season will bring to me personally or Beaver Nation, but what I do know is that I am going to be a better fan. This pledge doesn't mean I am a Mike Riley fan, it means I need to stop behaving like a lunatic and let the season play out and hope that the people in place make the necessary decisions to get OSU in the right direction. What kind of fan you are?


  1. I can sympathize with many of your comments. Especially about parties and tailgating being about fun and less about a bitch session. You have to decide that you're going to have fun no matter what the outcome of the game. Sure you can bitch for a bit after the game with fellow fans who truly want to cry in their beer with you, but that's it. You'll find that more people will want to be around you and they will all have a better time at your parties too.
    Go Beavs!

  2. I disagree. Riley is sending all the momentum from early 2000's down the drain. He gets paid, win or lose. He's an awful coach.