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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Has 3-0 hushed the critics?

You have to give credit to Riley and his staff thus far.  Clearly the 2 years of being down and distracted are over, but does starting 3-0 wipe the slate clean?  I would argue no it does not.  Riley took 2 years off and now decides to make changes and coach.  It is unreal how quickly the media and fans have forgotten about his miserable effort or lack there of, the past 2 years.  Everyone has fallen for the magical move Riley made by taking the team to In-n-Out and then tweeting pictures about it.  This was a cleaver plan knowing social media would pick up on it then ESPN and so on.  The media has acted like Mike Riley is the first coach ever to reward his team.  Good for him for pulling one on all of us or maybe it was Gundy's call.  Who knows and who really cares?  The point is, OSU is sexy now but all it takes is one crappy game/effort and the rankings are gonzo, ESPN will not be drinking the Beaver Juice, and once again OSU will become irrelevant.  If a statue of Riley in front of Reser is looming, then he better step on the throats of all the upcoming opponents and continue coaching.

Please continue sending me the emails.  They are pure comedy.

OSU 45 WSU 24

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  1. Are you serious? Do you even get excited about wins? If not, why even bother following this program if you can't enjoy a start to a season like this one. You are a complete disgrace to Oregon State. I still contend there is absolutely no way you are an alumnus, but if you are, that just makes this whole story that much more sad. Would you even be happy if Mike Riley takes this team to the Rose Bowl? Why dont you just shut down this site and commentate on politics or something? Every day you keep this going and try to hang on to your agenda you become a bigger fool.