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Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Riley fan's reply to an earlier post - DO YOU AGREE?

Let me start off by saying I understand your frustration with the state of the program the past two season.  It has been a difficult time to be a Beaver fan especially with the success of the program down south. But as a lifelong fan of Oregon State I strongly believe that firing Mike Riley would send this program deeper down the pole.  And the hire of Rod Perry is an excellent hire that will only help this program.  And if you cannot see the "upside" to this hire, let me point out a few of them to you.

"Why hire a 58 year old coach that hasn't been a part of the college game for 20+ year"
--Now we have a coach with 20+ years of NFL experience, both as a player and coach, so it is very obvious that this guy knows his stuff (And not for an injury to one of the greatest qb's of all time we probably wouldn't have a shot at this guy).  

Why not hire a younger coach with recruiting experience and an understanding of today's athlete?
-- Well how did the last db coach work out?  Did he bring in great players? were our db's playing at a high level? were they always in position and with proper technique?  Did we land big db recruits?  What Perry bring is an understanding of technique and experience.  And do you think recruits will want to play for a coach who not only played in the NFL and also coached in the NFL.  He knows how to get players to reach that level.  

Finally, he has been around the NFL for 20+ years, mainly with the defenses. So he can put some of concepts that he has learned in his time in the league.

This is a great hire

Thanks for your time.

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