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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hen house operation

For the past 16 years I always touch base with my good friend's father before the season starts.  He played 4 years for Dee Andros and was on the 1967 Giant Killers team.  I enjoy getting his perspective on the team and where he thinks the season is heading.  This year was a different conversation.  It went something like this:
(picking up after the pleasantries)
Me:  Hey Bill, how  we looking this season?
Bill:  Before we even go into this I have to tell you a story...
Me:  Sounds good
Bill:  I called the ticket office because my 4 season tickets didn't arrive in the mail.  My buddy down the road got his, so I called.
Me:  Interesting...
Bill: The gal on the phone said I never renewed my season tickets.  I, of course said, "yes I did and have for 35 years"  She then proceeded to tell me my tickets had been reallocated to another season ticket holder as an upgrade.  I said, "What are you talking about?  How does something like this happen?"  She repeated
that I didn't renew my tickets and I do not have season tickets, but would I be interested in buying a mini package of games.  I immediately asked to speak to a manager.  10 minutes later, Scott gets on to tell me that after researching my account there is nothing he could do.
Bill: Just wait.  I usually don't like doing this, but I explained that I am a Varsity O member and was on the Giant Killers.  He interrupted me and said, "You were on the team that beat #1USC with Mark Sanchez on ESPN?  I was at that game."
Bill:  (laughs)  I replied calmly, Scott, I played for Dee Andros when we beat OJ Simpson.  Scott then says "Oh, that must have been before I was born."  So I then asked to speak to his supervisor, which he said was not around.  I told Scott that I expect my tickets to be reissued immediately to me.  He then says, "I can't they have already been mailed out to the new owners."  I hung up
Me:  Bill, I don't know what to say. 
Bill:  Well about an hour later Scott called back and let me know that he can issue me new seats in a new section but I have lost my grandfather status.  I said to him "Scott, the boys down there aren't winning many games.  Is this really how you want handle my situation?"  And he actually said to me, "Well this year will be different and you don't want to miss any home games."  I then said, you tell Bob DeCarolis I called and I will be expecting a phone call shortly, only then will I decide if I am going to continue supporting OSU.
Me:  Did he call?
Bill:  Nope.  I am done with OSU. 

The call pretty much ended there.  If this is happening to a Varsity O member, member of the 1967 Giant Killers, an alumni, and a 35 year season ticket holder, what the hell is going on in Corvallis?  


  1. So Bill couldn't have simply forgotten to renew his tickets? There's no possible way that could've happened? Where's his canceled check or credit card receipt for his tickets and BASF donation? That's all the proof he needs. If he doesn't have it then maybe he made a mistake and forgot to renew. We're all human. In fact this happened to me last year, I'd paid for my tickets but forgot to make my BASF donation.
    With all respect to a former Beaver player, what is OSU supposed to do if you don't renew your tickets? Should they call every single season ticket holder who doesn't renew? Maybe. But that's a lot of manpower wasted on the phones.
    And poor Scott, what did he do wrong? He was born too late to have seen the original giant killers. Does everyone on that team get special privilege from the athletic department? Should there be a list on Scott's wall of all the names of people who have done something great for the university so that if they call after forgetting to renew their tickets they can call the guy that bought his tickets and ask for them back?
    Look, this sucks for Bill but be realistic. It was an oversight on someone's part, most likely Bill's. There are 30,000 other seats he can choose from like the rest of us.

  2. dennis August 9, 2012

    Of course you're right. It would be a TOTAL waste of time and manpower. Why on earth would anyone make a courtesy phone call to a (35 year) season ticket holder, JUST on the outside chance their renewal might have been lost or destroyed in the mail (heaven forbid that ever happens). This WASTE of manpower, as you deem it, is better known as "CUSTOMER SERVICE"!!! A practice which is far too often lacking in today's business world.