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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bowl Bound?

After 5 games and 1 victory, Mike Riley thinks OSU is bowl bound. 

"We're a long way from saying we're a conference contender, but we are a contender if we get a string together for a bowl game.' – pulled from the Oregonian

Is Mike Riley deranged?  He has 1 win against a team that is 1-5 and 4 losses against teams that are Sac St 3-3, Wisconsin 5-0, ASU 5-1 and UCLA 3-3.

BYU comes to town at 4-2, then at WSU 3-2, at Utah 2-3, home Stanford 5-0, at Cal 3-2, home Washington 4-1, and finally at UO 4-1.

Where does he see 5 wins?  One team has a losing record on the schedule.  The man is insane.  I feel badly for the players having to listen to him give false expectations.  

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