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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lessons at Reser

7 things I learned yesterday at Reser.
7.  Hekker must be so tired after games.  He spends the entire game practicing.  1st down and he is warming up. 
6.  Beaver Nation is so forgiving.  One win and the loss to Sac State is a distant memory.  Pathetic.
5.  Sean Mannion locks onto his receiver and will not look away.  I am pretty sure I saw Mannion receive a text message from James Rodgers saying, “Hey sport, I am open in the endzone.”
4.  Jordan Poyer was picked on.  Foles must hate the city of Astoria.
3.  Corvallis has too many Zones and leaving Corvallis is not that confusing.  OSU needs to replace the “Leaving Corvallis” video with OSU football highlights and loud music keeping fans in their seats yelling and screaming.
2.  The Orange jerseys work.  Keep em for BYU
1.  Mike Riley and his staff did their job.  Why they chose October 8th to finally show up and coach, I do not understand. , but they did their job.  Where was this in September? 

If this team rattles off wins against BYU, WSU, Utah, Cal, and UW then Riley truly deserves to be fired.  There is absolutely zero reason for the slow start and losing to Sac State, UCLA, and ASU are reasons to let him go.  You were hired to win games ALL SEASON, not from October through December.

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