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Friday, September 9, 2011

Pre-game - Wisconsin.

What a week.  Agnew out.  QB controversy.  The word 'phony' used about QB controversy.  The spread is 3 touchdowns .  This does not spell out well for Riley and his staff.

After reading tweets all week I am convinced Beaver Nation has the full support of Mike Riley.  Why?  I do not understand why he hasn't taken more criticism about his last 6 games especially Sac St.  It doesn't make any sense. Not even Canzano is going after Riley.  Instead he helps Riley with the misdirection and uses the word scapegoat for Katz.  HUH???  Why not go after Riley on the BFT show?  Instead JC talks about the off duty cop escorting him to Autzen.  Booooring.  Come on JC?  Have some balls.  OR Why aren't people questioning Riley's steadfast support of Langsdorf?  How this guy has a job today is unreal?  Ask anyone that grew up with him in McMinnville and they will tell you he knows nothing about football and is a real tool.  A monkey could call a better game.  Run up the middle, short out, run up the middle doesn't scream offensive genius.  It is so predictable and sad.

People have commented on the many articles on O-live about "opening up the playbook."  I don't think Langsdorf has a playbook with more then one page, therefore it is going to be difficult to open it up.  I hate to say this but Wisconsin is going to lay 70 on the Beavs.

Fire Mike Riley and save the season and program.

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