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Friday, September 30, 2011

Riley vs. The Fork

According to Mike Riley and his staff they are seeing lots of positives in their 0-3 start.  I would like to share a few that I found and other places I have not found. 
·         Offensive line?  No, he blamed them for the 4th and 1 snafu.
·         Quarterback?  No, sweaty hands.  Oh wait that was from the Center.  Katz Package?
·         Defense?  No.  The Red Zone is not their friend.  
·         Special Teams?  Ah ha.  Poyer to the house does erase a -4 yard punt.  Score 1
·         Trick Plays?  No.  Haven’t seen one yet.
·         The return of James Rodgers?  Oh..wait for it…Yes.  That was positive.  Score 2
Scoreboard so far……Riley 2 FMR 4
·         Adjustments at half?  No.  See 2nd half versus UCLA run game.
·         Running game since Agnew?  No.  A West Salem Walk-on is not going to cut it. 
·         National Rankings in Offense?  No 116 out of 120…wait is that a positive because they don’t rank last??  No.
·         Staff hiding in dark holes?  Yes.  But is that positive.  It must be lonely.  All I can picture is Howie hiding in the closet in Benchwarmers.  Score 3
·         OSU beating ASU 3 straight?  Yes, but that was with Quizz.  Regardless.  Score 4
Final Scoreboard……Riley 4 FMR 7
It was close but FireMikeRiley wins.  Tomorrow will not be pretty.  Mannion is going to get knocked around, picked off, stepped on, and beat up by Burfict.  Dennis has said all the right things this week but when it comes to ending this streak against Riley he is going to step on the gas and finish strong, just like at Last Call.
ASU 52 OSU 3

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