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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A discussion that took place at the tailgater.

 After the disappointing loss to UCLA I made my way back to the tailgater to rant about everything Mike Riley did during the game.  I was fired up and ready to argue with anyone who was showing any support of the coach.  I played out in my mind a few statements I was going to make to silence the crowds.  My soapbox was ready.  However, when I arrived to the tailgater I was told to wait until they were done listening to the post game show.  So I obliged and listened along also.  I was shocked to hear Riley talk about all the positives he and the team are taking from the loss.  Typical I said to myself as I was preparing to slice and dice up any Riley supporter.  As we began to talk about the game I was quickly realized I wasn’t alone with my disliking for Coach Riley and his staff.  I will equate the conversation to that of a Socratic Chair method of learning.  Here are a few noteworthy statements:
·         How do we expect 2 star walk-on Offensive linemen from Lake Oswego to block 5 star athletes from SoCal?  Riley clearly isn’t recruiting hard enough and needs to stop recruiting from High schools that employ his buddies.
·         OSU was so lucky to have Jaquizz for the 3 years because he truly was a diamond in the rough playing behind a bad O line.
·         OSU cannot and will not win in the Pac12 with a walk-on from West Salem.
·         This stale offense may have worked with better athletes in the past, but the current athletes are not talented enough to get it done.  Changes need to be made in the play book.
·         Why is Danny Langsdorf allowed to continue calling plays?
·         4th and 1 and we punt?  Why?
·         Not only is Mike Riley losing recruits to Boise State, he has put OSU in the place of being the 3rd best team in the state.
These were just a few that stuck out.  I edited out the explicative as the majority of Beaver Nation at our tailgater was really upset.  Please share your thoughts on the game and season so far. 
I encourage you to visit www.angrybeavs.com and follow him on twitter as well.  Your voice is important and needs to be heard.  I also encourage you to stop writing checks to the BASF.  You can support OSU without supporting Mike Riley.

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