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Sunday, September 11, 2011


I applaud the defensive and hope each one of you personally gave it to the offense for keeping you on the field for so damn long.  OSU's offense is flat out embarrassing, and I blame the coaching 100%.  Langsdorf has no business being a coach in the Pac12 or the Central Valley League.  Langsdorf is terrible and has gotten worse year after year.  The first change has to be with him.  Being a sidekick and buddy of the head coach does not mean you are worthy of calling plays.  There are so many issues with yesterday's game I don't have the time to go after each one, however here are a few:

Hekker -4 punt then tweeting "Damn.....I still love my life, -4 yard punt an all:)#godisgood" is the most ridiculous statement I have ever read.  Nice hair too.  Jackass.

Riley starting Katz for 3 plays then pulling him not only had Beaver Nation wondering what the F, but also had the ESPN crew questioning his decision making.  Both Urban Meyer (please come coach our team) and Chris Spielman were at a loss.

4th down decision to go for it...hip hip...but the play call???  Booooo.  Guessing game.  Might as well just draw plays up in the dirt.

Riley has clearly lost the team and it is getting worse.  Riley is now 1-15 in September on the road.  How does this guy still have a job?

I challenge you to speak up and get this guy fired.  He is killing Beaver Nation and our football team.


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