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Monday, November 14, 2011

Sign of Life?

Best part of the game on Saturday was when the entire bar changed all the TVs to the Ducks/Stanford game and refused to allow the 4 OSU fans to watch the game.  I asked once only to hear laughter and maybe a snort.

Following the game via twitter is just as bad.  I watched the replay though.  Terrible, but that is the theme for the season.  2-8 is really sad.  The coaching staff looks lifeless.  The players are following the lead of their fearless leader and laughing on the sidelines after turnovers.  Sinking ship.

A buddy told me today that since the season is over why not do some razzle dazzle?  For example:  Wildcat to James Rodgers.  Blitz on 1st down.  Not punt on 4th.

Instead we see a lifeless Riley pacing the sidelines applying lipbalm.

Here's to 2012, which in my opinion doesn't look very promising.  I still want my money back.


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