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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Civil War prediction

29 point dogs is mean Las Vegas.  Why would you be mean to Mike Riley?

It doesn't look good for our Beavers.  Autzen is a crazy place and UO is super pissed after pulling a Mike Riley with the clock.  I found it comical that UO left TOs on the board, sounds familiar eh Riley.  This week has been boring with the chatter from the coaches and players.  I was so glad to hear Mike Riley took time to educate the youngsters about the history of the Civil War.  I am sure the 18 year olds really paid attention and now the game has more meaning then before.  Way to make the game secondary Mike!!  The coaches down south used that time to run drills and let the older players be leaders on the history part of the game.  +1 Chip.

As I have said before I was really hoping Mike took time (10 mins) each practice all season to focus on the spread option.  But I was blasted by many. 

Here is what I know:  UO has embarrassed OSU 3 straight games and is about to make it 4 in a row.  There is no harm in changing up practice to make the team better.  More teams are running the spread.  What Riley is doing, isn't working, look at his record.  Civil War is the right to live in the state of Oregon.  Work harder Coaches.

Spot on Prediction  Angry beat me to it with his genius prediction so I will add to it. 
 - Mike Riley will once again trade FGs for TDs.
 - The fly sweep will be a very popular play
 - James Rodgers will be carried off the field win or lose
 - Mannion will throw 4 picks *2 returned for TDs
 - Mike Riley will hug Chip with a HUGE grin as if he won the game
 - OSU will lose its 4th straight Civil War game 58-6

Thanks for another great season Mike.  Looking forward to seeing you NOT hold your coaches accountable again.

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