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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Has he given up?

Has Mike Riley given up?  Is he purposely quitting on the team because the administration lacks the ability to hold him accountable for his actions on and off the field? 
I think he has.  His actions yesterday again prove yes.   
1. The entire stadium was screaming time out at the end of the first half as the chains moved forward and the scoreboard read 21 seconds.  No Time out.  The only thing stopping the clock was Remmers and his consistent false start.  Riley’s response, “I wanted to get the play off quicker.”  Well, no shit.  But you had timeouts on the board.  Why not use them?
2. Allowing the clock to expire at the end of the 3rd quarter might as well been a white flag being waved from your hands.
3. Sticking up for your players.  James Rodgers gets hit out of bounds and Riley  does nothing. 
4. Poyer again calls fair catch inside the 10.  Coaching!
This isn’t rocket science yet Riley makes it so hard.  He paces the sidelines with a look on his face of being over medicated or not wanting to be there. 
I am convinced he wants to be fired.  He is testing the system.  His actions are a direct taunt.  He is showing off to the other coaches in the Pac12 that he is untouchable.  I bet he laughs at Mike Stoops thinking, “You fool, you should have gotten a lifetime contract like me.” 
The message is clear Mike Riley that you are finished and just plan on coasting through 2019.  Shame on you and your coaching staff for taking our money, our hearts, and our souls.

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