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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ask the tough questions

Does Mike Riley have an incredible amount of dirt or incriminating photos of the media that covers him?  He must.  No one in the media ever criticizes him to his face or asks tough questions.  Has the media sold its soul and pledged never put Riley on the “hot seat?”  Take for instance John Canzano’s show on November, 2nd.  John had the coach on the show for 10+ minutes and not once did John ask the coach about Danny Langsdorf.  He had the perfect opportunity to say:

“Have you lost confidence in Danny Langsdorf to properly call plays for this team?
“Do you plan on evaluating your current staff and making a coaching change at the end of the year?”
“Beaver Nation has lost confidence in the play calling from Danny Langsdorf.  Are you taking over the play calling for Stanford?”

In my opinion these questions are justified and aren’t mean or offensive.  Yet in John’s column he dances around the topic of a coaching change.  Mike Riley needs to cook up new ideas to stay off the hot seat 

Why not take the opporuntity to ask the coach directly?  Are you chicken?  Is Mike Riley a threat?  Will he never speak to you again?  I don’t understand.  We have seen Canzano go after a coach in the past, Chip Kelly.  He even went on ESPN calling Coach Kelly out.  Why can’t you (the media) take that same passion and journalistic ability towards Mike Riley.  We all know he deserves some accountability.  He certainly isn’t getting any from the current administration.  John is very good at stirring things up.  The articles are a start, now how about actually putting Coach Riley on the “Hot Seat.”

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