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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What if...?

Just think…..What if?……….where would OSU be?
What if Riley was prepared in September? 
What if Jonathon Smith was OSU’s OC?
What if Bobby D cared?
What if no one renewed their season tickets?
What if the students called the plays during the game instead of Langsdorf and signaled them in by placards? 
What if Riley thinks the Stanford game is in Pal Alto? 
What if tailgating began Friday night? 
What if I was allowed to interview Riley instead of Buker? 
What if Dennis never left? 
What if Joe the Tank catches that ball against UW? 
What if Katz transfers and writes a tell all book about Riley?
What if Riley keeps laughing on the sidelines and wets his pants? 
What if the coaching staff shotguns beers before kickoff at mid-field? 
What if OSU sells tickets through GROUPON? 
What if Canzano asks me to sit in on his show? 
What if I sell orange and black paper bags for your head outside of Reser? 
What if the flysweep was the only play called during the entire game?
What if OSU dumps NIKE and goes with Adidas? 

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