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Monday, November 7, 2011

email - From a concerned fan

*********************This is an email from a Fan who has had it.*****************************

Let me make one thing perfectly clear upfront. I HAVE NEVER BEEN A COLLEGE FOOTBALL COACH & GUESS WHAT, I NEVER WILL BE. Neither have most of us with opinions on what should happen at OSU, to Riley & his staff. That has never stopped any of us from offering our opinions. That being said, I don't have to be a college football coach, astronautically engineer or a Rhodes Scholar to see the god-awful, horrific & lack of fundamental pee-wee football Beaver fans are subjected to week in & week out. 

Yesterday was the epitome of this. For example:

1. Butchery of timeouts.
2. Butchery of challenges.
3. Butchery of clock management.
4. Down by 18 points, no hurry up offense–Riley let the 3rd quarter expire without getting off a play. Who does that? Oh that's right....Mike Riley does that & has done that before! 
Like I said, I don't have to be a coach to figure out the basics & see the obvious. Once again we suffered through another game of zero adjustments, predictable play calling & lack of intensity. The Beavers finished with 33 yards rushing for the game. 33 fuc*ing yards people. Stanford had 300! Yes, you read that correctly, 300 yards. Absolutely unacceptable & inexcusable! But this is what we've come to expect from Banker & his defense. Yes, the corners showed some signs of life yesterday & actually looked like they knew what they were doing at times. Too bad it only took them 9 games to figure it out! Speaking of defense, has anyone asked Riley how he explains 22 defensive penalties (2nd most in the nation) that has given the opponent a first down & kept their drive going?  Of course not, because no one in media has the effing stones to ask him anything negative.  When is someone in the media going to ask Riley why 2 weeks in a row fans have not been allowed to call in to the post game show?  We wouldn't want anyone to have to answer any questions or be held accountable would we?  Listen, I will be the 1st one to admit & acknowledge the sad reality that OSU will never get the 4-5 star recruits. We will never have USC, SEC or "Uncle Phil" money.  But I also believe, because I saw it happen with Hurricane Dennis, that when you get a coach that is willing to take a risk on some junior college transfers from the inner city (i.e. DeLawrence Grant, LaDarius Jackson, Chad Johnson, Darnell Robinson, T.J. Hushmenzada) that an immediate impact can be made. And don't anyone tell me or give me that bullshit that Dennis won with Riley's recruits. He won with his own recruits!
Here is a classic Riley quote from yesterday. “Nothing changes for us,” Riley said of the rest of the season. “We haven’t talked about bowls in a long time. I like this team, and we came to play today. I think they will from here on out. There’s an excitement to play.”
Nothing changes for you? Are you kidding me? Why would we want anything to change coach? Why would we want you to make any changes in order to win more than 3 games in the last 2 seasons? You haven't talked about bowls in a long time? Really? That surprises me. Why wouldn't you talk about bowls considering you've won 3 games in the last 2 seasons? You like this team? You like every team you've ever coached. You've liked every player that has ever played for you. You are a great ambassador and builder of young men. I admire you & commend you for that. But a creative & innovative college football coach....HELL TO THE NO!  You THINK they will play from here on out? YOU THINK?  As the head coach you should & it's your job to KNOW, not think, whether or not your team will play come out to play the rest of the season. 

You are paid to WIN footballs games, PERIOD, You have only done that 3 of the last 21 times to date with 3 more games to go. Why would anyone in Beaver Nation believe after what we've seen week in & week out that they don't finish 3-24 in the last 2 seasons?  How is this acceptable to any Beaver fans, especially the one who pony up for season tickets & BASF donations? 

A change needs to be made, the culture & commitment to OSU football from the top down needs to be overhauled. It sickens me that people can’t seem to see & acknowledge that the sign of a good coach & good football team is one that gets better game to game, is prepared game to game, plays with a fire & intensity (see Chip Kelly's players) game to game, is disciplined game to game & is at least in a position to win or be competitive game to game. Unfortunately, as long as Bobby D & staff are heading up the athletic department & the local Corvallis community views Riley as the man that can do no wrong because he is so nice, so well liked, & is Bud's son, that change won't happen. 

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